Stay ready ≠ Get ready

If we wanted to find the truth, will it be more valuable to look at a... Company, Organization, Leader, Soccer club, Coach, Player, Team, Parent

...when things are going well? or better to see what happens at their "worst day"?

I am a parent + coach + teacher + consumer + reader + etc, and I also have the tendency of being attracted to the team with a winning streak, the successful story of a start up, the movie with a large budget.

Because it is pretty easy to look at how things go when everything is calm.

But, I think I would learn more if I saw how those organisms perform during tough times.

Let's see some examples: As a parent, our kids might not fully remember that perfect Sunday afternoon when we were relaxed, fully present, playing with them at the park. But they will surely remember the day when we got in an argument with our partner/boss, and later on got a flat tire. Our behavior in that kind of day will be a crucial role model of how they will act in the future, when things don't go well. As a customer, you know when you are in your computer, that software stops working... and you get nothing? Just the random "Error message #6587XYZTT" that leaves us looking clueless at the screen. We call customer service and it is a bunch of automated non-sense. Imagine that same software; It suddenly stops working, but you get clear instructions on how to get help. There is anticipation

How does a leader lead in times of uncertainty and fear? A coach, teacher, director, or anyone with a role of leadership. Do they step up to the challenges, and look for ways to bring everyone together? Are they in a reactive or proactive mode? Meaning they react in the moment, or were already prepared for the challenges? Which leaders do we always remember or think of? those that lead in times of calm, peaceful times? or during times of wars, crisis, disasters.

Let's think SOCCER

Youth Soccer Clubs: do the people that make the decisions in your club show ability to navigate through turbulent waters? When there are issues with the field, with the rosters, with the players, with the coaches. What happens then? Youth Soccer Coaches: What is the coach's reaction when the team (or individual players) don't perform? When the results are poor? Are they prepared, or is it a bunch of blaming and pointing fingers? When the striker misses that open shot, how is the coach's body language? To go a little more technical , think about the "Freeze" coaching method. You are training a team, there's a breakdown, coach yells "freeze!", stops the play. Explains what was wrong , rehearses the situation with the correct solution, and restart. All good and dandy, but.... how will that team react in their worst moment (mistake) if the coach is always stoping and correcting that moment of error in order to "fix it" If we don't rehearse how to overcome mistakes, are we going to be prepared to deal with them when the match comes? Youth Soccer Parents: All nice when your child plays, when the team wins. A lovely ride back in the car, with no emails/texts to the coach saying "Thanks a lot for giving my child SO MUCH playing time!" Now think about the opposite day, your child didn't play much, the team lost. This is your worst day, what is your behavior as a parent? When you then look at the flashy marquee of a big club to take your child, are you sure that the better club will guarantee that their leaders are prepared to overcome challenges in a fast and effective way when necessary? Think again...

The Worst Day What you do on your worst day is impossible to fake. Your plans and preparation (or lack of) show what you are made of, and how much you really care for those that depend on you.

During your worst day there is a chance to show your best qualities, and to learn about yourself and those around you.

Those who are prepared based on their past experiences, that are able to plan, and overcome these moments, will probably turn their worst day into their BEST.

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