Street soccer chronicles #1


The picture above looks very similar to the street where I grew up in Buenos Aires.

See, when I hear "street soccer" I can't help to think of the literal meaning it had for me. Playing soccer, on the street, non stop. Unless a car drove by. Then someone would yell "AUTO!!"... and we'd stop for a few seconds until it was gone.

Today's post is the first one of a series I started to write. It is about the conditions I believe the universe provided so I had a true "street soccer" experience. Non negotiable conditions:

  • Live on a semi quiet block.

  • The street has to be wide to be able to play. With ideally a sidewalk high enough to play wall passes against a defender.

  • A good number of neighboring kids.

  • The kids have to be interested in playing outside at all times.

  • Other games are fun (hide/seek, tag) but kids must have an interest in futbol.

  • Someone has to own a soccer ball.

  • The soccer ball owner has to be a decent player. If not, find another ball owner in order to avoid conflicts.

  • Goalkeeper has to be fierce, able to dive without any concern of the pavement ripping portions of the skin (usually elbows).

  • Neighbors have to be nice to give the ball back if it goes into their property in less than a minute.

  • If a non cooperative neighbor exists, one of the players must be agile enough to jump over fence to recover the ball in a matter of seconds.

  • A none written law of "no parking" exists on the field area.

  • Parents have to be flexible with dinner time in case the game goes longer than expected

And, very important, because.... what is the point of playing if you can't have competition?

Similar conditions must apply to the neighboring blocks, so you can have scrimmages.

Do you have any street soccer experiences? Feel free to add conditions, and share!

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